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7 Spring Wedding Planning Tips

7 Spring Wedding Planning Tips

Summer may be the most popular season to have a wedding, but spring is the season of hope, which makes it a wonderful time to say “I do.” The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining… Or at least, that’s what every bride and groom hopes for. Though it does have many allures, spring isn’t without a few potential challenges as well.


We spoke to Cathy Zuniga, Wedding and Event Planner/Owner of Paperie & Company and Thumbtack Pro in Texas, to get her expertise on the best ways to prepare for and embrace the season for a spring wedding everyone will enjoy and remember.


Be Prepared for Rain and Shine

“We tell our brides, especially those having spring weddings, that unpredictable weather is something you have to think of and be prepared for,” said Zuniga. If the wedding is planned to be outside, she says it’s important the bride also have an indoor alternative in case those famous April showers decide to make an appearance. An indoor-outdoor venue is a great option in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.


Let Décor Do Double Duty

“If you’re having a wedding or shower outdoors in the spring time, use umbrellas and cute buckets as decorative pieces that can be used in case of emergency,” said Zuniga. She recommends getting umbrellas that match the wedding’s color theme and placing them in a rustic silver bucket, vintage watering can, or any vessel that also goes with the theme. It’s a great way to make sure everyone is covered (literally) while also keeping things the way the bride wants them to look.


Think Beyond a Pastel Palette

Spring conjures images of pastel pinks and lilacs, but don’t be afraid to use colors outside of those lines. Zuniga says she’s seeing a lot of navy with white, pale pinks, or light beige for her spring weddings, as well as an array of deep purples mixed with softer berry colors. “Those are both great ways to bring in beautiful soft colors that aren’t the pastels we’ve seen in the past.” She also echoes what we’ve heard from other wedding planners that rose gold is the “it” color of 2017.


Mix Blooms with Greenery

Though in-season spring blooms are always a gorgeous option, Zuniga says she’s seeing a lot more greenery than flowers in the weddings she is planning this spring. Not only does that help cut down on costs, she says people are really embracing the natural beauty of the outdoors, or using that greenery in the form of wreaths and garlands to bring the outdoor feeling inside. “On rectangle tables, a long green garland acts as a runner and you can add just a few pops of color with flowers.”


Keep it a Little Casual

In Texas, Zuniga is seeing slightly more casual attire for spring weddings. “Super dressy and formal wear is really being reserved for elegant indoor locations. I’m seeing less and less people in a jacket and tie at outdoor spring weddings,” she says.


If your wedding is outdoors or during the day, it’s a good choice to embrace the whimsy and fun of the season and keep things slightly less prim and proper. In  those instances, Cathy says, “I tell brides that it’s a good idea to let guests know on the invite or information section that casual dress is okay, so they can be outside without being too hot or overdressed for the occasion.”


Take Care of Your Guests

While rain showers are one thing to plan for during a spring wedding, so are unseasonably warm days. “You need to be prepared with a tent and air conditioning,” Cathy says. “It’s especially important for older folks to not get overheated or be stuck out in the heat or sun.”


Zuniga also recommends putting buckets filled with water bottles at the back of the ceremony so people can grab one before they go to their seat. “We also like to do paper fans on every chair so the guests have that option,” she says. One of her favorite ways to do this is with wedding programs that double as hand fans.


Embrace Friendly Competition

Spring is the perfect time of year for lawn games. It’s a fun way to break the ice among guests, and it gives people something different to do during the cocktail hour and reception. Corn hole and horseshoes are always a crowd favorite, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.


Zuniga says a game she’s seen a lot of guests have fun with at wedding showers is a twist on an Easter egg hunt. “We hide fake rings or ring pops and whoever finds the most gets a prize.” Still, if you are going to do lawn games where your guests will be running around on the grass, she says it’s a good idea to provide flip flops for the ladies, so they don’t have to participate while wearing heels.