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Things to Know if You Aren't Hiring a Wedding Planner

Tips For Planning Your Big Day

With dozens of decisions (colors, cake, flowers, etc.) and even more logistical details, planning your wedding can alarm even the most courageous couple. Whether or not you hire a wedding planner, there are tips to keep in mind when planning your big day. 


Be Ready to Tackle the Basics

Couples need to set a firm timeline and have some general ideas about the type of wedding they want. This will help take the stress out of making fast decisions when necessary. When the couple can prioritize what they want most, they will be able to make decisions faster. It's also important to have one or two backup dates in mind in case your first choice isn't available.


Know Where to Start

If you're planning your own wedding, remember to set a budget and a guest list. Your budget and guest list are related, because cutting the guest list is the best way to save money. Once you decide your budget and guest list, you'll have a better sense of the type of wedding that best suits you.


Choose Organizational Tools Wisely

When planning your wedding, stay on top of invoices and receipts; keep copies of contracts, track costs, and deal with countless other details. Web-sharing tools, such as Google Docs, are great when you want to keep important information consolidated and easily accessible. If you would rather go old school, wedding planner journals, or even plain notebook paper, work great too.


Think Twice Before Getting Help from Family and Friends

Although it's easy to ask family and friends for help, remember that they are emotionally invested to your wedding. This means that they lack the objective judgment that's necessary to handle the wedding planning process smoothly. You may think it will work out, but it never works out how you want it to.


Anticipate Challenges

Things can, and do, go wrong. You'll need to prepare for the problems as best you can. Even small things, such as putting out place cards, loading the leftover food, and sewing a ripped bridesmaid's dress are important to think about. These are things that individuals don't think about but they should.


Keep the Process in Perspective

No matter how much you plan, your wedding will not be perfect. Although it's hard for some people to grasp this, it's important to remember that your wedding is just one day and one party. Individuals should enjoy the planning process, not stress out about everything that needs to be done and worrying that the wedding won't be perfect.